UUID Service

A simple service for managing UUIDs

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A simple service for PUTting & GETting UUIDs, provided a key.

This is a Go web service, backed by MongoDB, running on Docker, with Compose for local development.

How to use this image

Start a uuid-service instance and link it to a MongoDB instance:

docker run --name some-uuid-service --link some-mongo:mongo -d conortm/uuid-service

How to use this service

Once you have the service running at http://my-uuid-service.com, do the following:

To create a new UUID, run:

curl -v -X PUT http://my-uuid-service.com/uuid/my-key

Note: A response status of 201 Created indicates a successfully created UUID. A status of 200 OK indicates that the UUID already exists for the provided key.

To get an existing UUID, run:

curl -v http://my-uuid-service.com/uuid/my-key

Docker Compose

Get a local instance up and running with:

docker-compose up -d

Note: Substitute my-uuid-service.com above with localhost.


MIT © Conor McNamara